The Jasperson Story

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Doris and Dave Jasperson: Reaching Local in Rice Lake, Wisconsin

It doesn’t matter what your addiction is. It could be alcohol, meth, heroin, pornography, gambling. There’s just no recovery without Jesus.

When I first connected with InFaith I was encouraged by more than one person to look local. It hit me over time that I already had connections in place. I already knew the drug court judge. I knew the public defender. I knew the district attorney. I knew people. It made sense, it just made sense to be working with people within a network.

I’ve seen families reconnect. I have seen people restore relationship with their parents, with their siblings, with their kids. It’s about surrendering that mess of a life to God, knowing that what they’ve been doing so far has not been working real well, and they need something way bigger than they are. When they recognize that something is Jesus Christ, they’re all in.

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What's Next?So what's next?

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