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Freddy Moran: Reaching Local in Monmouth, Oregon

I was in the restaurant industry for many years, until I came to a point in my life where it felt like everything went wrong. I went from a great year of winning awards to the following year where I was the worst general manager. I felt abandoned and alone.

But after coming to the Lord and crying out to Him with my anxiety, frustration, and burden, He spoke to me: “You see how you felt—the frustration and abandonment? There are many men who feel that too. Go and reach out to them.”

My mission is to minister to the community as a workplace chaplain—reaching people who are hurting, frustrated, and feel alone. I want to let them know that God will never leave them nor forsake them. They need to know that someone is there for them—praying, listening, encouraging, and empowering them.

God has called me to use my experiences to reach out to men in similar situations here in Monmouth. I want to empower and encourage people to do things in their own communities, because it starts with you and then it just keeps trickling around you.

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