Local Reach: Buffalo, Iowa

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A story of reaching local and changing lives in Buffalo, lowa with InFaith missionaries Judy and Jerry Wiedemeier.

In Judy Wiedemeier’s equine mentoring ministry (Riding Light Ministries with InFaith), she pairs area mentors with youth and gives them horseback lessons. These lessons help the youth bond with the mentors drawing them closer together and creating a space where they can talk about their faith in Christ.

Judy explains, “Children [in our community] often find themselves unsupervised with access to media and peer groups that do not promote wise life choices. Our goal is to provide caring mentors and a positive peer group to aid these children in making smart life choices.”

Ministries like Judy’s are unique and provide an amazing experience that many youths, and even the volunteers and mentors, see as a great God experience.

We are so grateful to Judy & Jerry for their ministry!

Learn more about their ministry here: Judy & Jerry Wiedemeier