The Casady Story

Gary & Linda Casady: Reaching Local in The Dalles, Oregon


I’m Gary Cassady and my wife and I work with the Youth Empowerment Shelter here in The Dalles.


A lot of kids around here are in crisis. We felt like someone needed to do something.


Once the kids enter the house we see them move from agitation to peace. We restore relationships and work on a plan for them to move forward and be successful.


They call them ‘throwaway kids,’ because people don’t know what to do with them. But, these are kids made in the image of God. They’re lost, they’re in bondage, they’re broken and nobody’s cared about them.


I have a vision that the youth we work with will come to Christ and become disciple-makers. That’s a huge goal given where they’ve come from, but I think that’s what God’s given us in the Word.


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What's Next?So what's next?

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