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Jim & Teri Wilson: Reaching Local in Kearney, Nebraska

Jim: Press On Community Youth Center is a place for kids to come where they can feel safe and loved. We have a bus that we use to pick up kids, because if we didn’t go to their homes, they would not come. Many of these kids don’t have any Godly influence at home. That’s why we are here.

Teri: When we started the youth center, it took a while for God to really convince me that I could be a missionary. But I am a missionary because I love Him and tell people about Him, and that’s what missionaries do—they go into a community and reach people for Christ.

Jim: The motto at Press On is “Helping kids on the road of life.” We provide a safe environment for these kids, while helping them with what life has in store for them in the future.

Teri: What we do is love kids. We’re all about relationship building. That’s what local is all about—people reaching those around them because of relationships that have been built. This youth center started as a dream that not many believed in, but look what God has done now.

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